Don't just read the future; help create it!

A new kind of divination system

Cast The Coins, Create Your Future!

In the multitude of available oracles, like tarot decks, ogham sticks, rune stones and all kinds of card-based divination systems, there was not yet an oracle based on coins. Now there is! I proudly present the Raven Coins Oracle as the first, and as of yet the only, oracle that is based on coins specifically designed for that purpose. 

Created by Hella Raven

Druid, Dreamer, Cleromancer.

In everyday life I wouldn't  characterize myself as a 'dreamer', but in this particular context, I just have to. First I became a Druid, than I had a dream, and than the dream turned me into a cleromancer. It is a life time journey. 

Available for purchase

We Match Your Needs

The Raven Coins Oracle is available in two versions: a luxury set with actual iron coins and a DIY set in which the coin design have been printed on a sticker sheet as for you to assemble on a carrier of your choice.