About the Oracle

The Raven Coins Oracle is a recently developed divination system, using ancient symbolism with a contemporary twist. It is not tied to a specific world view or religion but having said that I must admit that it does take most of its inspiration from a western esoteric, primarily pagan and to a minor extend heathen background. Those are the traditions I grew up with and so this feels as my natural language. The aim of the oracle is to empower you to co-create your future by giving you the tools to make the best possible decisions on your life’s path now. As I see it, we should not just read the future, we should help create it.

The Origin of Raven Coins

The Raven Coins originated from a dream I had in the year 2000. Based on this dream I created an oracle that consists of thirteen coins. 

Eleven of those coins convey meaning: they are the bearers of complementary symbols (like ‘father’ on one side and ‘mother’ on the other side) and serve to give you meaningful input on whatever situation you want to resolve. The principle of this oracle is that there are no 'good' or 'bad' qualities, just different ways to approach a problem. Coins are ultimately suited to carry symbols that complement each-other. The colored rims around the coins help the reader with the meaning and interpretation of the symbols.

Two designated coins give direction to the reading: one coin serves as the center of the spread and the starting point of your reading, the other coin provides the endpoint of the reading. The imaginary line between those two coins provides a path along which you travel through your reading. All the coins are interpreted according to their position relative to each other and to the so called path.

The Oracle is designed to help you uncover the answers to your life questions. Not by reading them in a ready-made future, but by tapping in to your own wisdom, revealing patterns and obstacles in your path and by providing you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about your course of action. The Raven Coins Oracle empowers you to become the co-creator of your own destiny.

The Raven Coins Oracle has been made available in two versions, both of which offer the same information but differ in style and price, as to suit your personal preference.

Full Raven Coins Oracle Set  

The full Raven Coins Oracle Set consists of thirteen beautifully designed coins.

The coins are made from an iron alloy, have a good weight and feel to them was really important to me when I created them. The stylized symbols are easy to identify once the coins are cast as to provide for a clear read. 

The set comes in an attractive gift box containing all coins, a pouch to keep them in and an instructive book in which history, symbolism, and use of the Raven Coins are adequately described.

The DIY Oracle Set

The DIY set is the brand new addition to the classical Raven Coins Oracle set and offers you the opportunity to assemble your own set without losing any of the usability of the original one.

The set contains an illustrated guide, packed with information on the meaning of each individual coin and how to use them, as well as a sticker sheet on which all coins are printed and pre-cut for easy applicability.

Together these two items provide you with the essentials you need to construct your own set. All there is left for you to do is to gather 13 objects to carry the stickers. These can be coins of any currency but also other materials can be used such as wood-slices, bone-discs or plastic fishes. Take a look at the informative video to get a few ideas.


Fun fact: The very first set I made for myself over 20 years ago consisted of Dutch guilders and stickers. So technically the DIY oracle set pre-dates the 'classical' one. 

The Lucky Raven Coin

The Lucky Raven Coin is a coin that I have created before issuing the entire oracle as part of my crowd-funding. It is basically an independent, one-coin-oracle and lucky charm. The two sides of the coin seem to be similar at first glance, but on closer inspection you see that the coin that is held in the claws of the raven is different on both sides: the one tree has a visible root-system but no discerned canopy, while the tree on the flip side has clearly distinguishable leaves but only a solid piece of earth as a base.

How should I use the Lucky Raven Coin?

First of all, the Lucky Raven Coin is a lucky charm. Carry it in your purse to attract more money, or keep it in your pocket to aid you in the choices you have to make during the day. The two raven that are the inspiration for the design are Huginn and Muninn; the eyes of Odin, thought and memory (look up Norse Mythology on the internet). They remind us that by observing the world, thinking about it and learning from our previous experiences we grow wiser every day, thus becoming better equipped to make decisions.
Apart form being a lucky charm, the Lucky Raven Coins is also a traditional one-coin-oracle: when in doubt, flip a coin and your yes-or-no question is answered. By looking closely to the design and noticing the differences on both side you can decide which one is yes and which one is no. Alternatively you can decide for example to ask the Lucky Raven Coins if you should approach a certain problem with a practical attitude (choose the side with the visible root-system on the tree for this) or if you should be more philosophical or spiritual about it (indicated by the side with the leaves on the tree).
Play with it and you will learn how the Lucky Raven Coins can serve you best.

How do I get a Lucky Raven Coin?

There are three ways of getting one of these coins:
- Buy one. Simple and easy and honestly the most common way in which people obtain one.
- Get one as a present or a perk. I tend to give them away on some events or people buy one as a little present to one of their friends.
- Find one… Now this is a very special and uncommon way in which to get one of the Lucky Coins. Over the course of the years I have been hiding some coins in public places. Some of them I leave in stores, some of them I leave on park-benches or window sills. Some of them are being hid in caches of the international geo-caching game as a token or left at trains or in airports in the hope they will travel. All of these coins have been blessed with good intentions for the finder. If one of these coins have found their way to you, and ultimately led you to this website, please let me know!