Raven Coins Daily Cast - 1294: There Is No Shame In Accepting Help

Published on 24 May 2023 at 12:04

Somebody is always trying to help others but when it comes to them needing a little help themselves, they find it really difficult to ask for it. And if they do ask somebody to help them, they  have a tendency to either still do most of the work themselves or they try to micromanage those who come to their aid. That is the challenge of the Lady who finds it difficult to let go of her control over the situation. So, a moment of honesty; is this us? Or is it somebody we actually try to help but isn't really letting us? In either case we need patience and gentleness towards this person. There is no shame in accepting help, and allowing somebody to help out can be an empowering experience for both parties!

Don't just read the future; help create it!

Hella Raven

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