Raven Coins Daily Cast - 968: Spread Love, Not Fear!

Published on 10 December 2021 at 07:49

We worry about our wellness, particularly about our health. There is a certain feeling of discomfort in the air. At one hand we have the preparations for the Christmas celebrations in most of the Western world, at the other hand there is a shadow looming over the festivities since Covid might go on a rampage if we do not take all the necessary precautions to contain infections. And what these necessary precautions are is still up for debate. Uncertainty and fear are leading to schisms in families and bad blood between friends. So yes, we worry; these are troublesome times. Let's not allow it to dampen our spirits. Let's spread the love and understanding we like to receive: if we all do that, the world is a better place to live in. 

Don't just read the future; help create it!

Hella Raven

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