Raven Coins Daily Cast - 1041: Be Curious

Published on 9 March 2022 at 08:21

Curious and creative the Fairy is always keen to explore new pastures, to paint its flowers and enjoy the sunshine. Every day is a fresh start for her; an opportunity to shed the troubles from yesterday and to enjoy the beauty of today. Let's strive for a little bit of her zest for life and explore our world as if we see it for the first time!

Don't just read the future; help create it!

Hella Raven

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Sirrena Mason
2 years ago

I would love to have one of those coins plz.

Hella Raven
2 years ago

Hi Sirrena, thank you for your enthousiasm. The only coin I sell on its own is the lucky coin. All other coins are part of a set of 13 coins; the entire Raven Coins Oracle. You can find both the oracle and the lucky coin on my shop page. I do ship world-wide. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask! mail me at hella@ravencoins.com.