Raven Coins Daily Cast - 1114: Don't Stick Your Head in the Sand

Published on 8 August 2022 at 10:36

It is tempting to avoid dealing with a tricky situation or a difficult problem by ignoring it's existence. Withdrawing, for example by sleeping a lot more than usual, is one of the many strategies we can employ to avoid the confrontation with our responsibilities. Often this is an unconscious mechanism , so let's be on our guard; are we exceptionally tired and do we want to sleep all the time? Maybe it is our body's  way of expressing the discomfort we feel with a situation that we really need to resolve. Let us no longer postpone this duty but get it done as soon as we can. We will feel liberated once we've done it. 

Don't just read the future; help create it!

Hella Raven

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